Managing water right assets can be challenging. Obtaining an updated inventory is time consuming, expensive, and prone to error. Tranera's LiveAssets tool provides a simple way to comprehensively inventory your assets, map them in one place, and update them automatically through its web interface and LIVE data feeds.


Evaluating properties should include water right information. The presence of water rights on a parcel, urban or rural, could add thousands of dollars of value to the land or identify over-priced properties with a lack of access to water. Protect your-self before making a huge purchase decision with this $20 report.

Water Analytics

Easily the most powerful tool ever built for analyzing water rights, WaterAnalytics gives users live access to all historical public data and the ability to scrutinize them visually through proprietary mapping tools. Investigate application histories, current conditions, or assemble comprehensive inventories of assets in minutes while eliminating any results irrelevant to your interests.