About Tranera

We believe that information is power - but only when that information is organized and presented in a comprehensible manner.

Tranera is the premium provider of database translation software for the water rights market. We pioneer innovative and proprietary visual interface platforms which simplify and clarify the complex public data acting as a barrier to entry for many professionals and water right owners alike.

Founded by a diverse group of professionals, Tranera is composed of a team with both insider-knowledge and outsider-creativity, a union that breeds innovative thinking and inspired solutions. We gravitated toward this market because no one before us has taken the initiative within the private sector to help organize this growing market.

Water is quickly becoming a scarce commodity, and many are already referring to it as "Blue Gold". We understand that this important resource impacts the future of economic growth in our communities and we want to make sure the playing field is level for all participants. Order and clarity are desperately needed for a market where laws, regulations and formats are unique in many ways to each state. Our team identified that that water rights market is historically underserved and wholly unprepared for the foreseen explosions of activity as populations increase and water sources potentially decrease.

Our software platforms are designed to simplify and decipher this arcane market for the professional and layman alike, and our mission is to bring individuals intuitive tools to educate themselves and/or their clients in the field of water rights. Our platforms feature comprehensive historical data which is current to the day of use, map-based tools enabling us to present user-hostile data in an enlightening format, and a revolution in thinking for individuals engaging in water rights research and analysis.

Welcome to the organized future of water rights.