Triton is a web based software platform for supplying water right ownership information by parcel number. For the first time, water ownership information critical to assessing property is available in a fast, cost effective format.

The Triton Advantage

Water ownership tied to property is vital information when establishing the value and use potential(s) of a parcel with important implications in urban and suburban areas as well as rural locales. In a matter of moments, Triton will provide you with a complete picture of all water rights associated with a parcel by both place of use and point of diversion - these distinctions give you insights into not only what water rights are distributed from the parcel, but what water rights have the capability to serve the parcel by place of use designation.

Are you a Bank?

  • Verify water rights status on a parcel before establishing a loan value!
  • Verify water rights status on a parcel before funding development or new home construction projects.
  • Water rights should be a fundamental component of property valuations during foreclosure proceedings.
  • Protect your investments by ensuring your water asset inventories are updated and in good standing with the state division of water rights!

Are you a Title Company?

  • Inform your customers about this valuable component of land ownership!
  • Fulfill your state-mandated role pertaining to water rights information per the Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreement in your state!
  • Actively identify customers who could benefit from a water title policy!
  • Differentiate from your competition and capture more market share by offering water right information with a standard title policy.

Are you a Realtor?

  • Differentiate your services by offering insights into this crucial component of land ownership!
  • Inform and protect your clients.
  • Increase your revenue by identifying water rights you can sell on behalf of clients.

Are you a Land Developer?

  • Verify the existence of water rights associated with a parcel before purchasing.
  • Verify the STATUS of water rights associated with a parcel before purchasing - get issues resolved by the owner before they become your issues.
  • Discover lost water rights associated with a parcel and reduce development costs dramatically.
  • Identify active and decommissioned well sites before building.
  • Get your water asset inventories updated and compliant with the state to ensure your future.
Consider the numerous topics in need of consideration when establishing the water rights ownership status of a parcel and why these details are important. It can be equally impactful to establish whether a parcel HAS water rights associated with it as it is to find out the parcel is "dry".

If a parcel is "dry" it means there are no state-issued water rights associated with it and the parcel has extremely limited use.

  1. No building permits for structures will be issued, no irrigated crops can be planted, no livestock can be watered, etc.
  2. Property assessors will often overlook this detail and issue a property value determination without considering this crucial element.
  3. Before Triton, it was complicated and expensive to determine the status of water on a specific parcel.

When a parcel has water rights associated with it, there are a number of details an owner or potential buyer need to know:

  1. The quantity of water associated with the parcel.
  2. The use category assigned to the water rights (irrigation, livestock, storage, etc.)
  3. The place of use designation for the water rights.
  4. Any outstanding or approaching state requirements to keep the water in good standing (proof dates, temporary application status, etc.)
  5. The health of the state records associated with the water right (missing information, inaccurate ownership data, etc.)