Banking Industry

Include water right evaluations in property lending analyses or foreclosure scenarios. Without sufficient water rights, land use is severely limited and costs can skyrocket.

Title Industry

Provide customers with parcel water right information just as you would access or encroachment data. The status of water rights on a parcel makes an enormous impact to property uses and values.

Land Developers

Make Triton part of the due diligence process for evaluating every project. Confirm sufficiency, deficiency, or surplus up front to prevent surprises later.


Provide customers with insights never before included by the Realtor community while differentiating your service and expertise from everyone else and protecting your buyers or sellers.

Simplifying Water for Everyone

Triton is a comprehensive research tool for the integration of water rights information in title reporting.

Comprehensive Data

Triton utilizes cutting-edge data mining techniques.

Clean Deliverable Reports

Produce complete information in well organized, easily interpreted packages.

Simple Interface

A parcel number is all you need to generate a report.

Enhance knowledge of property by including water assets data.

The presence of water rights and the status of those assets have substantial impacts on the value and use of the land.

  • Establish water rights status
  • Find lost water rights
  • Identify dry parcels
  • Address water right issues proactively

Unlike other property rights, water rights are crucial to nearly all land use intentions. Without sufficient water rights, the use of a parcel is severely limited. Without ANY water rights, there are little to NO development options.

Protect your customers and yourself by researching current assets and investment opportunities.

Deliver Comprehensive Information

Triton will identify the current water rights in use, the historical changes to water on the parcel, and associated scanned documents.

Highlight Important Information

The status of water rights or the absence of water assets can have significant impacts to land evaluations.

Uncover Actionable Insights

Alert customers to water issues in need of resolution before a transaction is completed.