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Quickly assess the potential of water ownership with Triton, the first public-facing research tool for water rights by parcel number or address. Triton is a web based program designed to make water rights research as simple as possible through 3 easy steps..

  1. Provide the parcel number or address
  2. Confirm the property by map
  3. Select the results you want and hit the search button

Results will reflect all potential water rights associated with the searched parcel by Point of Diversion (well, surface point, etc.) and Place of Use (state recognized use area) and prioritize the results from most likely to least. Triton will also identify all water share companies associated with the parcel by place of use.

Establishing current and/or historical water rights on a parcel can have many impacts to the use, value, and potentially safety of the property.

  • "Dry" parcels with no water rights are worth far less and have limited use
  • Historical wells in urban or rural areas will be identified and can then be researched for proper decommissioning. Improperly decommissioned wells can be a hazard to people and animals
  • "Lost" water rights can add surprise value to a parcel
  • The state record status of appurtenant water rights can be quickly determined

Industries can benefit from Triton to protect themselves or their customers.

  • Title Agencies are required to provide water right information by state law
  • Real Estate Brokers are required to provide water right information by state law
  • Banks can mitigate even more risk before issuing loans by obtaining water rights information
  • Developers can benefit in many ways by researching raw land purchases
  • Assessors can quickly identify water rights information with Triton
  • Attorneys can easily establish the potential of water rights on a subject parcel
  • Engineers can expediently focus activities when researching water rights

Start with Triton when researching property water rights today* and get the information you need to make informed decisions.

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*Currently available exclusively in Utah. More states to follow.