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LiveAssets Water Asset Management Software

Simplifying the complexity of managing your water rights

Water rights are critical to the operations of your business, placing them among your most valuable assets.

As the regulatory and environmental landscape changes, so must the administration and management of these precious rights. LiveAssets does more than just meet your current needs, it facilitates your future.

Real time web-based asset management solution for water rights

  • INVENTORY your water right assets in minutes
  • AUTOPOPULATE all state data into LiveAssets in real time
  • VISUALIZE data with LiveAssets aerial mapping tools
    • Points of Diversion
    • Places of Use
    • Proprietary Place of Use overlays to illustrate over or under usage
  • GROUP & FILTER your water rights by attribute
  • COMPILE & ACCESS all scanned documents on file with the state
  • MONITOR the health of your water rights with historical water right alerts
  • CENTRALIZE records of all associated activities of employees
  • COORDINATE with field staff responsible for utilizing water assets
  • MAXIMIZE water rights use and ensure use is accurately registered with the state
  • PROTECT your water rights by monitoring potentially harmful activity to your water
  • PLAN for the future by assessing weaknesses and strengths of assets

Take decisive control of your water right asset management efforts and protect your company today through the power of LiveAssets.

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