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Water Analytics

Tranera’s flagship web-based software tool employs proprietary methods to organize comprehensive water right data, making the information intuitively searchable and easily interpreted in a map-based format.

WaterAnalytics is composed of multiple tools, each tuned specifically for customized analyses of water rights data fields and assembly of comprehensive inventories of assets. Within each tool, data can be grouped or expanded individually, providing links to the complete database information as well as comparative spreadsheets and data analysis charts.

Historically, the process of researching water rights, their locations, and their transfer histories has been a painstaking process involving hours of digital and analog searches. It was easy to miss important information and difficult to filter results by relevance to the goals of a project.

Tranera has pioneered ways to accurately map water rights consistently within seconds and visually highlight geographic and historical information important to your efforts. The visualization tools within WaterAnalytics will supply you with insights unavailable to you with prior research methods, as well as point/click access to the history of each water right including links to electronic copies of associated documents.

Once a research project is completed, WaterAnalytics has the capability to organize your results in a full report which can be saved electronically and/or printed.

Users get 100% of the data relevant to a research project in moments. Our patented process will save days or even weeks of painstaking research, reduced to mere seconds, and in a visual format that provides valuable perspective and understanding.

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